7 July 2011 @ GSC Signature, The Garden

When received call from MY Fm, I'm really surprised. Because I thought I'm not the lucky person can attend this premiere screening. Thank MY Fm. This is my first time watch movie at GSC signature, The Garden.


This is Signature cinema prepared dinner for guests who attend the premiere screening. Still have a lot of food but I din take it. :(

Host - 菲比

Constance Song 宋怡霏 and Li Nan Xing 李南星

Between, they organize one game and play with this two super star in Singapore. I don't know call what game but I sure you all know about it. If you lose and the whole team need eat the burger hotdog with wasabi, chili sauce and so on add by all player. Unlucky, I'm one of the loser team. :( Haiz...

This is the prize poster with signature by this two star I got it after the small game. However very fun playing with Li Nan Xing and Constance Song. :p  


Since young, Shin Tian Cai (Li Nan Xing)was greatly influenced by his father’s gambling addiction. He was known among his peers as a junior gambling king. When he was 8 years old, his father died in a fire mishap leaving behind Tian Cai to fend for himself.

As the years went by…

Tian Cai marries Zhi Hu (Rebecca Lim)who is about to give birth. Tian Cai gambles to support his family and he believes that through gambling he can become rich. Tian Cai contacts Honey, who is a junket. She has this deep affection for Tian Cai and hopes to draw him into the high-rollers gambling circle. In order to impress Tian Cai, and also to create an opportunity to be close to him, Honey (Constance Song)introduces him to those high-stake games. With Tian Cai’s innate gambling instinct and talent, he managed to make a huge windfall. Tian Cai’s talent in gambling has generated envy and hatred from a Taiwanese tycoon Li Guan Jun(Aaron Chen). Each step that Tian Cai takes, is about to bring him closer to his nemesis and imminent death….

After finish watched, I really confused why that guy want kill Honey in the movie?
Well, this movie tell you the true story in our life. Not gamble you are the winner. After win or lose money you also must know how to stop,cannot indulge . No one is always win in life.:p

My Rating : 6/10

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