Long time hasn't updated my blog already cause busy with working and feel tired after come back home. Feel have time let update my blog. :)
Last week was my birthday and just celebrated with my friends and watched movie ~ Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon. Finally I watched this movie. YeaH.

Back to the movie. This movie really awesome and don't have make me disappoint. Actually I felt in this movie the Soldiers is very handsome and brave. Especially when they fly from high building.


Did you found this article don't have any Autobots or Decepticons photo? Haha.. Cause I love the soldiers more than them. But also like Autobot Bumblebee. :p
Transformer 3 is last series of Transformer movie, But I hope not true. Cannot accept it. Waiting Transformer 4 coming out. :)

My Rating : 9/10


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  1. Kian Fai says:

    actually this ending part is similar with romance of Three kingdom storyline . . . slashing each other between 3 big guy hahaha

  2. Sam Wong says:

    @Kian Fai

    really?! cause I din watch this movie. However really enjoy watching transformer 3..:P

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