Booking Period : 23 MAY 2011 - 29 MAY 2011
Travel Period   : 06 FEB 2012 - 20 JUNE 2012

Everytime have the big sale promotion, all people won't miss this opportunity to buy ticket and waiting travel on next year 2012. Because of this promotion, just one result will always face by me.........ERROR

What time is the best time to buy ticket easy without any error or hang? (Actually I believe just can reduce the error problem only and won't connect smoothly also). T-T

My friend already buy ticket in this evening and will travel on next year May. I also want to plan where to go before too late. Not just me, you too....

The price really cheap then before promotion. What you waiting for? Hurray up, click here and buy your ticket for next year flight ticket. :p

~~~Now Everyone Can Fly~~~

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