Congratulation to my loving football team...Manchester United.
Is really excited when watched this last match at home Old Trafford vs Blackpool. Actually EPL champion already reach Manchester United hand, but Manager Alex Fergusan's also serious with this game.

Before the match start by referee, have award giving to Alex Fergusan's and goalkeeper Van Der Sar. This is last game and last season for him? Hopefully he still continue play with this club and dun have so early retire, even he health still in good.

Nice Award. 
~~Goal by~~
 Park Ji Sung And Anderson


Michael Owen

Celebration this moment with family.
 Cute....fat fat like W.Rooney. Haha

 Vidic: My son, you still short? haha

19 EPL champion reach in hand and beyond Liverpool...Yeahhhh....This is fantasy moment for Manchester United and fan always support from beginning...LOVE U....Thank Alex Fergusan's . you are best manager.

Today have a good news for Manchester United English striker Michael Owen want to stay at here, this is good news for MU? But for me I love him. This is the first time he pick up Barclays Premier League title medal of his career and scored United's final league goal of the season during the 4-2 win over Blackpool. 

 First time picked up trophy in career. Well done.

Support U Forever.

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