10 JAN 2011
This Monday, I attended premiere screening of at Midvalley. The first time I participated in such activities, special thanks Nuffnang for the 2 tickets. Hehe.
The protagonist of this movie is that all people are aware of the wrestling superstar the Rock Dwayne Johnson as driver in this movie. Story takes place ten years ago, his brother and his friends and his own went for bank robbery then met another group of people robbery them. They killed his brother after he also fired a shot back of the head, but miracle he did not die, and sat for ten years in prison.
After the prison, he was looking for revenge robbers a decade ago. This robberies have one policeman suspected, he was the mastermind in the robberies? Driver got error revenge on it? U want to know it then u must go to cinema and watch this movie. Gogogo...
Rating : 3.5 of 5

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MONDAY - Budget carrier Airasia aircraft accident at one of the Malaysia city of Kuching on 10pm. One of the airbus A320 carrying 124 passengers and 6 crews skidded off the runway when the plane is landing in rainy condition and the aircraft stopped in a muddy field.

This accident affected 24 flights aircraft take off and landing, due to continuous heavy rain, the aircraft can not be removed or towed away.

No one died in this accident, but four passengers sustained minor injuries, they have been sent to hospital for checks. Other passengers after check-ups no injuries then can go back home. Really scare slightly.

However, causes of the accident is still under investigation. When the accident occurred, do not blame the pilots, aircraft and maintenance personnel. Accident will not tell you when I want to come. I believe Airasia aircraft still " NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY"  

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During the first month in the year, have many nice movies and good actors and coming soon will be screening on 27 January 2011 lo, whose are love watch movie guy sure know about this news. I believe this movie can get a good rating. Why I will said like this because this movie have a good actors, Cameron Diaz (Sexy and pretty ladies), Seth Rogen ( Funny actor) and Taiwan musician and actor Jay Chow. So I no reason say why this movie cannot get a good rating. Haha.
U know what movie I talking about? Is ~The Green Hornet~. Of cause not just because the actors, the title of the movie also attract me go to watch. Why must Green Hornet? Cannot red, brown, black, yellow or other colours….sure will funny when see hornet in different colours. Haha…:p
Green Hornet

When u child or even now already adult, Sometimes u also will imagine u are batman, superman, power rangers, ultraman or Jackie Chan also. :p Did u think if u are the green hornet? Let think it.

For me, if I were the green hornet, I want become nemesis to the criminals, your cannot runaway from my “fingers” Wakakaka :p. What should I do to stop the crime? Sleep at home, call police or runaway. NO NO NO..How can I do like this. All wrong. I'm green hornet. :p

well, not easy to become a hero, must have a powerful equipment and detailed plan before take action to stop the criminal people. What first thing i need to do?? Find one best partner like me to do this great job with me ( but cannot handsome than me) but if girl must sexy and pretty. haha. like this? wakakaka

Next thing is amazing equipments.
Body ourselves always important so armor must have it then we just can no injuries to continue done this amazing job. Bulletproof armor steel is needed de.

 On the ground
 Fly Car
Dive Car

This all car is help me a lot, not just help people in this country. I can take this vehicles fly to other country to stop the criminal people. Even in the water, my dive car also can go catch them. Wonderful plan. wakaka.


can shoot on left and right

and even animal also can become my this...wakaka
Nice ? all this weapon? funny? Amazing? 

Well, all equipment, partner and vehicles prepared. But what is good plan to catch criminal people and prevent injury other people? Erm...Have a one secret room as my work place. I will cooperation with policeman and bomba man, so I can get a news as fast as possible to go location of crime. This is a faster way i can get a news .Then with my amazing equipment, I believe I can catch the crime for run away. Wakaka :p

All just a imagine story, cannot wait this movie release. Remember 27 January 2011 this movie ~the Green Hornet~ will release in all cinema. Take note.

~~ Have a good Sunday~~

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Bad news or good news
Today have a bad news to who have facebook account people, facebook will shut down on this year march 15th, after whole website will shut down , said by Mark Zuckerberg.

After this, what I can do on free time? sleep? dream? walk here walk there? Haiz....Facebook already a part of my life everyday and when I have free time, if really shut down what will change in my life?

However, maybe it is good news too. Behind maybe have another surprise waiting me.Like what Mark Zuckerberg said "I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

Is this news is true or false? If really shut down, our photo, video, note, links and all will lost. Please check it for me are this news is true? And remind all of you, if u dun have backup anything, please save it now before March.

More information check here

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转眼间,已经是2011年了,就如昨天2010年,明天2012 年的感觉那么快。当你们在等待农历新年的到来,相信不少男士们在想着买什么特别的礼物给爱人作为亲人节或周年礼物吧!哈哈。不用说一定又是花,项链,旅游,戒指(准备求婚?)吧?无疑,这些都是会令女生陶醉和开心的礼物,可是今年不如送个特别的礼物给爱人吧。。。
除了这些好处,这内衣也会提高情侣和夫妻之间的“性”生活,让他把你给吃了也让感情和感觉都提升加倍。你还在犹豫什么呢?是不是害羞一位大男人走进内衣店买内衣勒? 哈哈。。那也是的。。。可是你就错了,内衣设计都越来越进步了,网络又怎么能不进步呢?Weariton Online or 面子书都有介绍就有这拒绝不了的糖果内衣咯。不用露脸又能买到,还不快手去看看。

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Countdown 2011@ Sungai Wang
31 December 2011

Hello guys, we are already in 2011 and how you all celebrate to welcome new year 2011?For me I went to Sungai Wang countdown to welcome 2011. Of course many people celebrated and spray snow at there. Beside that, I also saw three fights less than 30 min and one people caught by policeman.
After countdown, We went to Timesquare watched movie . Ya, this movie have good and professional actors but I feel boring and not very interest  :(. Action part also less. SIghhhhh :(.
If u decide watch at cinema , I suggest u watch another movie or buy DVD watch at home.
2 of 5 star for the movie

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