MONDAY - Budget carrier Airasia aircraft accident at one of the Malaysia city of Kuching on 10pm. One of the airbus A320 carrying 124 passengers and 6 crews skidded off the runway when the plane is landing in rainy condition and the aircraft stopped in a muddy field.

This accident affected 24 flights aircraft take off and landing, due to continuous heavy rain, the aircraft can not be removed or towed away.

No one died in this accident, but four passengers sustained minor injuries, they have been sent to hospital for checks. Other passengers after check-ups no injuries then can go back home. Really scare slightly.

However, causes of the accident is still under investigation. When the accident occurred, do not blame the pilots, aircraft and maintenance personnel. Accident will not tell you when I want to come. I believe Airasia aircraft still " NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY"  

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  1. 小叶子 says:

    Yes. worrying.:D
    Especially Malaysia's coach.
    Less of maintenance & bus driver Drowsing.

  2. Two friends will be coming from Kuching to Penang later, hopefully nothing will happen...

  3. Sam Wong says:

    小叶子 :
    malaysian have a good maintenance and crew de....this just a accident cause of the heavy rainy.

    nothing will happpen de...no need worry

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