During the first month in the year, have many nice movies and good actors and coming soon will be screening on 27 January 2011 lo, whose are love watch movie guy sure know about this news. I believe this movie can get a good rating. Why I will said like this because this movie have a good actors, Cameron Diaz (Sexy and pretty ladies), Seth Rogen ( Funny actor) and Taiwan musician and actor Jay Chow. So I no reason say why this movie cannot get a good rating. Haha.
U know what movie I talking about? Is ~The Green Hornet~. Of cause not just because the actors, the title of the movie also attract me go to watch. Why must Green Hornet? Cannot red, brown, black, yellow or other colours….sure will funny when see hornet in different colours. Haha…:p
Green Hornet

When u child or even now already adult, Sometimes u also will imagine u are batman, superman, power rangers, ultraman or Jackie Chan also. :p Did u think if u are the green hornet? Let think it.

For me, if I were the green hornet, I want become nemesis to the criminals, your cannot runaway from my “fingers” Wakakaka :p. What should I do to stop the crime? Sleep at home, call police or runaway. NO NO NO..How can I do like this. All wrong. I'm green hornet. :p

well, not easy to become a hero, must have a powerful equipment and detailed plan before take action to stop the criminal people. What first thing i need to do?? Find one best partner like me to do this great job with me ( but cannot handsome than me) but if girl must sexy and pretty. haha. like this? wakakaka

Next thing is amazing equipments.
Body ourselves always important so armor must have it then we just can no injuries to continue done this amazing job. Bulletproof armor steel is needed de.

 On the ground
 Fly Car
Dive Car

This all car is help me a lot, not just help people in this country. I can take this vehicles fly to other country to stop the criminal people. Even in the water, my dive car also can go catch them. Wonderful plan. wakaka.


can shoot on left and right

and even animal also can become my weapon..like this...wakaka
Nice ?

Haha...how all this weapon? funny? Amazing? 

Well, all equipment, partner and vehicles prepared. But what is good plan to catch criminal people and prevent injury other people? Erm...Have a one secret room as my work place. I will cooperation with policeman and bomba man, so I can get a news as fast as possible to go location of crime. This is a faster way i can get a news .Then with my amazing equipment, I believe I can catch the crime for run away. Wakaka :p

All just a imagine story, cannot wait this movie release. Remember 27 January 2011 this movie ~the Green Hornet~ will release in all cinema. Take note.

~~ Have a good Sunday~~


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  1. 小叶子 says:
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  2. 小叶子 says:

    i m waiting for this movie.
    i like Jay Chou :D

  3. Sam Wong says:

    小叶子 :
    will be funny and nice movie...

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