This year Astro Star Quest 2011 has reached to final, another one shining star will emerge on this coming Saturday. :p

Five of them have they own stronger but winner just have one. For me I most support Jie Ying (洁莹)。I believe she can sing more better in final stage.

Besides that , you can support them to win the title of " My Favorite Star Quest" 2011 with sms.

Example vote 1 : 
Please enter ASQ <space> <vote for rookie numbers> to 33888; 
Example vote 10 : 
Please enter ASQ10 <space> <vote for rookie numbers> to 33888
RM0.50 per sms

Event : Astro Star Quest 2011 Final
Date : 16 July 2011
Time : 7.30pm
Location : PISA, Penang

I have 6 ticket given by laksou. Is Free Seating ticket. This Sat I have plan already so cannot attend this event. So who want please PM me. Thank.

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