8 JUN 2011 @ TGV KLCC

Big thank to Nuffnang again. Two days before just watch Hoodwinked Too then today watch Super 8 at TGV KLCC.  Parking fee here damn expensive and when come from time after work is super traffic jam. Less than 10 minute journey need around 45 minute just reach.

Before go to watch this movie, I watch trailer many time and search in internet also cannot know what actually inside the train. Make me cannot wait to watch out what happening and this movie talk about. 

Movie start from a group of children filming at train station! Suddenly have one car drive in the train tracks when the train come from other side and hit it. Actually is very true in life but why when the kids run from there to prevent catch by soldier, the car their driving to this place is intact and no one die in this serious accident!

After accident, they still continuous filming. Really funny. But actually things have happened slowly. No one can stop it.

I think Joe Lamb father Jackson Lamb will be a hero in this movie and save he son life and whole city. But im wrong. Hero is he son Joe. Little disappoint because Joe just say something then alien monster don't kill Joe and disappeared in this city. Don't like the ending like that.

Is this happy ending? Ya...is happy ending but for me don't like the ending and let the alien monster disappeared like that.

My Rating : 7/10 

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  1. the movie of the children shown during the credits is so funny!

  2. Sam Wong says:

    ya...funny but out of my expected!!

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