Home Troopers 居家兵
Episodes: 20
Cast : Liza Wang, Ha Yu, Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, Raymond Cho, Angela Tong, Timmy Hung. Christine Kuo, Claire Yiu, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong

LAI KA-KA (Liza Wang) has been looking after her family well. Both her husband CHU KOT HO (Ha Yu) and her eldest son CHU KOT CHING (Kevin Cheng) look up to her as their temporal and spiritual leader. Although KA is resolute in her belief that she has the best plans for her family.CHING secretly invests in a domestic cleaning agency without consulting her mother. When KA finds out, they have a terrible quarrel.

Suddenly, CHING's business partner KEI WING-FAT (Raymond Cho) disappear all of a sudden and puts him at substantial risk of bankruptcy. He has no choice but to run to KA for help. CHING immediately arranges for the whole family to share the work, hoping that this would help him out of crisis. Due to manpower shortages, CHING decides to hire FAT's girlfriend TUNG KAM-PO (Bernice Liu) as a temporary worker and later even falls in love with her.

On the other hand, KA's daughter CHU KOT YUNG (Mandy Wong) has been dating a married man TONG SHAU-LAI (Vincent Wong) while her youngest twin boys have spent too much time messing around with girls rather than concentrating on their studies.

All these recent happenings have sparked tension between KA and her children, causing a series of family rifts. Can they overcome their problems and maintain their family ties?hehe

After I watched this drama, I feel bored but this drama is meaningful. Family always give hand to help you and beside your when you face any problem. They won't leave you alone.

My Rating : 5/10


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