6 MAY 2011 @ Cathay Cineplexes The Curve

Thanks to Nuffnang give me a pair of premiere screening movie ticket. I guarantee when you watch this movie you will keep laughing. Haha

In one operation, the granny , wolf and twitchy need to survive the two cute kid, but finally granny also caught by them. So what next? How they rescue Granny and two kid ?

Two kid caught by kidnappers! Sad. You will surprise when you know the answer. Haha.

Red riding hood know granny was caught by kidnappers and want to rescue back Granny after know this news. Don't say Hood is weak, she will show you powerful KUNG FU..haha. Red riding hood will partner with Wolf and Twitchy in this mission.

Mission complete after facing many challenges.Haha :p 
After watch this movie, I love twitchy so much..Really funny in action and speaking. 
Release date in cinema on 9 June 2011.

My Rating : 7/10

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