29 MAY 2011 @ GSC Midvalley

Thank to GSC give me 2 movie ticket .YEAH
When first time I watched this movie trailer is really attract me to watch BUT.....................

Synopsis : 
Richie is the bodyguard of Anthony Wong, Anthony Wong daughter Janice Man was kidnapped , if he want back he daughter , kidnapper want he give money $$$$$$ to exchange back his daughter, but finally killed her daughter by kidnapper and was buried in the mud. Anthony very sad and want find out the murderer, He sent a bodyguard to investigation this case. Finally Richie Ren found the murderer and kill the murderer like the way he kill the Anthony Wong daughter. 


After watched I not really like this movie. Maybe feel boring and not motivate because already know who are the murderer very fast in the movie. But enjoy the part of Anthony Wong pay the ransom to murderer. 

My Rating : 5/10


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