3 August 2011
GSC Pavilion

Red Carpet on that day before movie start.

Back to movie.

Synopsis: The story begins with a pair of siblings, Ah Mun and Ah Long who hate loan sharks because it causes the death of their father. They vowed to each other that if given an opportunity, they would like to eradicate these illegal activities but circumstances were against them as they both were somehow associated with these activities without making known to each other. Both had their own secrets and untold The Loan Sharks as to their involvement and it turns out that the siblings have to choose between justice and love.

Finally, they know Mun Mun is poliswomen and want to kill her. On that time, Mun brother's Long come and help her and fight with them. At the end, Mun Mun is kill the loan shark.
How to kill the loan shark then you need go cinema and watch, besides that can support Malaysia movie. :p

Thank Jojo fan page give me this premiere screening movie ticket and also have a chance take pictue with you. :p Not forget my new friends on that day... nice to meet you.

My Rating : 5/10


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  1. Kian Fai says:

    hehe jojo goh looks very pretty . . .

    and now she is in the big screen! not bad :)

  2. Sam Wong says:

    ya..look pretty and sexy too..
    not just big screen, now singer also. :p

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