Mooncake festival haven't start but all shopping mall can see many booth can buy mooncake already. Below is nice mooncake box from my dad company. Love it so much. How about all of you ? Love it? :p

Yummy Yummy..

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  1. Ken Wooi says:

    the box looks really cute, goes well with the mooncake :)

  2. Sam Wong says:

    Ken : Ya..cute. can become decoration. Thank

  3. what brand is this? hehe nice box. some decoration box mooncake wont last long, dunno which brand already. Hope u got the good 1

  4. Sam Wong says:

    Kian Fai :
    Brand is CNI. This bought from my dad working place. Every year will out one design. This year is very nice lo. Outside cannot get it de. :p

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