Well, Thursday night go watch movie with my college friends at Terminal 2 Seremban. The time very rush to me because just come back from Jeram Toi (this will post later) and also feel sleepy. Fortunately, I not have sleepy when watching..hehe 
Before I think the movie is very boring and I will dun like this kind of movie. But after watch , can say no regret to watch the movie. 
Kane Brother is evil man

Ready to watch this movie?Hero Hero Hero
Grade : 3 of 5 star


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  1. - yEng - says:


    哈哈~thanks for sharing~

  2. 我等下会去看了呢! XD

  3. [SK] says:

    hehehe, i've already known this is a lousy movie from a friend.. never mind lah, just treat it as killing time lor.. :D

  4. says:

    dont think i wanna watch this in cinema~ maybe dvd will do :P

  5. Chris says:

    how is the movie?

  6. Sam Wong says:

    - yEng - :

    Akira 思胜 :

    lousy movies?! yemeh...?!I feel ok o

    L² :
    why neh? no good meh?!

    Chris :
    I feel ok de...
    3 of 5 star i give to this movies lo...

  7. i3lh4m says:

    Thanks for sharing, it's good article

  8. Sam Wong says:

    i3lh4m : welcome!!

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