18 April 2011 @ One Utama

Thank Nuffnang again because give me one pair ticket of premiere screening of . Actually I think this movie will be boring BUT Im totally wrong, this movie is nice and I believe real world have people like Rebecca (Leighton Meester). Always obsessed on you. Maybe your roommate now is this kind of people. Haha

Behind of this wall is beautiful. Well, I believe photography shoot at here will nice. Not believe, try find some place like this at take photo there.
 Sara (Minka Kelly) pretty and sexy girl . Love her so much. Have their own character. :P

Finally, Sara kill Rebecca to protect herself. Is no choice for Sara to choose. If you watch this movie I sure u will remember one part of the movie. Which part? Rebecca doing sex phone call from Jason. Actually I dun like this part. Haha. But I believe many people happy and enjoy to watch part. Wakaka.
Support this movie and Minka Kelly.
Rating : 3.5 / 5 star
(One star give to Minka Kelly) :p

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