Merry Christmas @ The Curve
24 Dec 2010
Well, this day Sam went The Curve at Damasara Utama with college friends. Actually decided watch movie at midnight but haven buy ticket and reached there already 1145pm. Santa Claus coming to tour just left 15 min , Of cause we won't miss this chance enjoy , so we brought one pack of snow spray enjoy also. After one pack and one more pace and paccckkkkkk.....we total spend Rm 40 brought the snow spray (21 bottles)...after we went for cinema see still got ticket movie anot...lucky still have Gulliver Travels and unlucky and dissapoited is premium ticket and need Rm 40 per ticket. so.....back home and sleep...:( Haiz.....
One more disssapoited is we din take alot of photo.

Merry Christmas @ Midvalley
25 Dec 2010 ~  Gulliver's Travels
Yesterday cannot watch , today my friends got to watch sure I will followed them. Hehe
Star of this movie Jack Black is good funny actor, he action really funny and crazy, especially when he dance and song in the movie...Hehe...U all watch this movie already, why not go to cinema and laugh laugh and laugh together. :p
Jack Black , Jason Segal and Emily Blunt

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  1. [SK] says:

    i also want to watch that movie, jack black is certainly a "joker", haha!! happy new year to you~~ :)

  2. Sam Wong says:

    SK : Haha...yaya...U must go to watch.Happy New Year too

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