This month already November le!!!! Time....Why u pass so fast,I really miss u. I also work for 3 months at SAE, this is my last month on job training (OJT). Is happy or sad?
Happy because no need work with out pay and also i can graduate.
Sad because I become quantity officer..hehe..chinese translate is "量地官", is mean jobless.
I also can be employ in this company cause of MRO company...and also Malaysia Airlines, but really difficult to get it..depand the luck...anyone can help me? hehe...just kidding! Last month I feel here like my working place, friends here, working here, learn here and important my big baby is always beside me..haha!
Hope this month all will smoothly and happy for me. 


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  1. Carrie says:

    wish u luck in finding an ideal job :)

  2. VoN vOn says:

    jobless good la
    u can go n play with yr frens~
    enjoy yr holiday!!

  3. fufu says:

    november gonna be a busy month for me ><

  4. Sam Wong says:

    Carrie :
    thx u so much and visited my blog!

    VonVon :
    jobless good ah...if im rich guy okla...but for my status now cannot lo..hehe

    Fufu :
    busy also my take rest o..take care

  5. Chris says:

    congratulations to u ya..

  6. Sam Wong says:

    Chris :thankssss

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